Get Wired for Success! with Dr Rod Irwin

How to Wire Your Brain for Success in Business and Life with Neuroscience-made-easy.

 Are business stresses, anxieties or fears

nearly killing you?

When Dr Rod Irwin purchased his business for over a quarter of a million dollars, he soon discovered it was making a loss. With no training in business management, he plunged on, but eight years later he was over one million dollars in debt. It nearly killed him—crippling anxiety, mind-numbing insomnia, even a near death experience!

Then his big breakthrough: he discovered how to use neuroscience and positive psychology to wire his brain for success. When he applied this little-known science to his business, it totally changed everything: happy clients, a highly motivated team, a 721% jump in profits! He created the business life of his dreams, and it totally transformed his life—to one of calmness, confidence and a love of living!

Now discover how Dr Rod did it. Wire your brain for success too. Be educated, inspired and entertained with Dr Rod’s extraordinary on-line course Get Wired For Success! Crush your mindsets, anxieties and fears as Dr Rod makes neuroscience easy to understand. 

Then Create the Business Life of Your Dreams so You can Live a Life You Love!



Look at the massive, amazing value inside...


Use the exact same process Dr Rod used to create the business life of his dreams. Includes the all important 12 Keys to Wire Your Brain for Success. See below for the full synopsis.

  • THE 21 STEPS

Unique exercises within the course carefully designed to make you think. By doing The 21 Steps, you will be actively wiring your brain for success – guaranteed! The 21 Steps make this your journey, your business plans, strategies and tactics, your growth, a positive part of your life.


All based on how your brain works, so you can add speed and power to your progress. We all want to get to our dream destinations as easily and quickly as possible. In fact, impatience can be a roadblock in itself! So The 4 Magnifying Tools make your journey easier and faster.


When you invest in this opportunity today, you will be getting access to a world-first: my graphics of how your brain wires itself for success when you apply The 12 Keys to your thinking and emotions. While we can’t see inside our head, the graphics bring this process to life! Seeing is believing!


There is a lot of value inside Get Wired for Success, and we all know about information overload. Use my Keep It Simple Summaries to revise quickly, or when you need facts fast.


Do you have an insanely busy life? Use my Emotional Mastery Formula – a simple three step process so you can wire your brain for success while you work or on the run! How good does that sound?


These are my personal stories of the ups and downs, the triumphs and disasters I experienced on my road to success. You have your own roadblocks - difficult people or perhaps your own past to deal with. Use my Roadblock Busters as an example and framework to smash your roadblocks and unleash your amazing potential.


Thousands of self-paced on-line courses are left uncompleted. Don't waste your investment, or this opportunity! With Get Wired for Success, timely email reminders keep you on track to be finished in less that five weeks. 


You will look back on this course, and say, “Wow! What a sensational, mind-opening, life-changing difference!” Guaranteed. Do all four Units of The Course and The 21 Steps on-line, and you will wire your brain for greater success in business—and life. Guaranteed!


Hot tips, tools, and research to inspire, inform and entertain you.


Course Syllabus

How To Wire Your Brain For Success!

• Hear about my big breakthrough: how I crushed my mind-sets and why it changed everything. • Watch the videos: Neuroscience-made-easy—how your brain works—so you can turbocharge it! • Then discover The 12 Keys to Wire Your Brain for Success. This is the real nuts and bolts of The Course, and what makes it so different from any other business or personal development program.

Dream Big! Then Turn Vision Into Results

• Discover how to create a crystal-clear vision of your dream business life and of you, living a life you love! • Next, get my Seven Rules for Real Results, and that is what you want—to transform your dreams into reality. Without the vital Seventh Rule, you are doomed to mediocrity or failure. As we know, failure sucks—and so does mediocrity! • Then, use my Four Magnifying Tools to add speed and power to your vision. Get to your dream destination as easily and as quickly as possible.

On Fire With Purpose, Power And Passion

• Use a Three-point Plan to find your Life’s True Purpose—the secret to unstoppable motivation. • Bored or burned out? Get the Four Rules to Turn Work into Pleasure. • Discover your Six Power Words—vital energy for courageous, decisive, and authentic actions. • Learn how to Ignite Red-hot Passion—inspire your investors, lead your team, and persuade your clients.

How To Master Your Thoughts And Emotions

• Discover the X factor vital for business success. Do not miss this—it is 50% of your results! • Hear about what the Gurus should teach, but few do: The Three Stages of Personal Transformation. • "Upload the software” to Program Your Mind for ________! (Insert the outcomes you desire.) • Bonus! Conquer the pressure and overwhelm of busy business life with my Emotional Mastery Formula. • Want to know if wiring your brain for success really does work? Here's proof: The Three Signs of Success!
“We used Get Wired for Success to go from dreams to a clear business vision, and from vision to success! We’re now living the dream. Thanks Rod!” — Georgie Pearson, Owner of South Brew Café.
"The Get Wired For Success Course is a mind-opening, captivating and potentially life-changing experience. It is a unique and well explained step by step program of how you can completely transform your personal and business life." — Mark Cummings, Lawyer, Cummings Law.
"Wow, Wow, Wow! Get Wired For Success is just brilliant! Everything that Rod said that was crushing him, crushed me to the point of no return. I lost it all! Thank you, Rod, for giving me the inspiration, the tools and the courage to make my business really work this time!” — Belinda Green, BMG Business and Media Services
“Get Wired For Success will change your life. Rod's ability to connect with the emotions that many of us have suffered is a rare trait. I would highly recommend Get Wired For Success to anyone who wants to be truly prosperous AND HAPPY.” — Aaron Parkinson, CEO, 7 Mile Media, SEZC.
"Get Wired for Success is REAL. Real in the sense that I could relate to everything Rod spoke about—his hardships and uncertainty. To hear first-hand from someone who has not only overcome his hurdles but SMASHED them out of the park fills me with the confidence I need to wire my brain for success." — Daniel Mallia, Video Director, 1 Minute Media.
"Before I met Rod, I thought I had a nasty problem: after a string of burning failures in my business, I really had the feeling that everything I did was doomed to fail. Thanks to Rod and his course, I was glad to realize that my problem was my own mindset, and that I could mold it to serve me better. Quite a discovery! I have been able to completely rewire my brain and my new business venture is the most exciting yet. Rod’s life and work have really made a profound and positive impact in my life, I am extremely grateful.“ — Terry Proto, VR executive and CEO.
“Get Wired for Success opened an entirely NEW WORLD of learning and application. By sharing this information with my team and clients, it will make THEIR lives profoundly different and better.” — Diederik Gelderman, Veterinarian and Business Coach.